Virus Update on the Virus Update

After consideration by the Club committee it was decided to uphold the decision to suspend Club meetings at the Spread Eagle even though the Government has slightly relaxed the restrictions re the Virus. This decision is taken reluctantly but the safety of our members is most important and to keep us safer we will continue to have an extra Club night on the air “net”. we hope that you will all understand and support your committee. We are all looking forward to better times when we can one again gather together with special event stations to show the public what we are all about.  STAY SAFE.

Virus Update

PLEASE NOTE  that the club committee has taken the decision reluctantly to cancel meetings at the Spread Eagle until further notice in line with the governments guide lines on the on how to slow down the infections of Corona-virus (COVID-19) Currently spreading across the UK ( and other countries )

We will instead have a extra Net night on usual Net frequency of 145.400 ( calling the Net on 145.500 at 19:30 ) on the club  night instead of the club meeting, the usual Thursday net nights will be unaffected.

Change of venue for the 2020 Meetings.

The Spread Eagle in Erpingham (formerly Erpingham Arms 2015-19) has reopened and we are pleased to say they have asked us to return to the Eagle for our monthly meeting ( which is the last Thursday in the month). The Address is The Spread Eagle, Eagle Road Erpingham Norfolk NR11 7QA. There is only the one pub in the village so you can’t miss it. We really would like to see you all, old and possible new members or just curious and looking to see what Amateur radio is about.

We are the Bittern DX Group – AKA the Bittern DXers, an amateur radio club, formed in 2004 and based in North Norfolk in the UK. The Club’s aim is to put the emphasis on operation, demonstration and bringing the hobby of amateur radio to the public, But we are also keen contesters on VHF 2m UHF 70cm also on HF 80m all forms of data PSK63, FT8, FT4 and RTTY. We do very well for a small club and have several top placed results. However our priorities are to get out in the field, to get on the air and to spread the word about amateur radio without the restraints of lectures and evening meetings etc. There are a number of very good clubs in Norfolk offering that kind of club environment and we work with them wherever possible. We do support our members however with one to one training and technical assistance and have several examination passes to our credit.

If you would like to have the Bittern DX Group bring an amateur radio station to your event, then do please get in touch. 

Also should you like further information regarding joining our little band of friendly operators do please get in touch. 

We look forward to meeting you