Linda operating TF3IYL at the Reykjavik Club Station in 2014
Linda operating TF3IYL at the Reykjavik Club Station in 2014

Group Secretary: Linda Leavold GØAJJ Telephone:  01692 407343 **Evenings & Weekends**


My initial interest in Amateur Radio stems from my early childhood, when I spent many a long afternoon sitting at my Great Grandfather’s feet listening intently to the fascinating voices and whistles as he tuned his short wave receiver through the amateur and marine bands. As his sight gradually failed, the radio became his main link with the world.

It was many years later, in 1984 with my husband’s encouragement and tuition that I eventually obtained my license. I became a very keen SSB VHF/UHF DXer, chasing locator squares and new countries at every opportunity, with the odd brief excursion on HF. I became a member of Bylara and also regularly took part in the Worked All Britain contests. My only claim to fame is that I obtained the first Double Gold Award for outstanding achievement in amateur radio on 144Mhz and 432Mhz issued by Amateur Radio Magazine in July 1987.

The hobby took a back seat for approximately 13 years due to family and work commitments. My interest in Radio was rekindled in 2005 during a chance visit to Cromer where I came across the Bittern DX Group operating a Special Event Station for Cromer Lifeboat day. I was invited to assist with their Nelson Bicentenary special event station in October, which I enjoyed immensely, and promptly joined the group and haven’t looked back since! Through working with the Bittern DXers I have been introduced to the joys and tribulations of HF contesting, data modes and HF DX chasing.

I am currently active at my home QTH on bands 80m to 70cm, with VHF/UHF continuing to be my main interest. My equipment for HF, 6m and 2m SSB is an IC-7400, 100w into a Carolina Windom @ 40 ft for the HF bands, a vertical for 6m and a 17 element Tonna @ 50ft for 2m SSB. I use an IC-910 for local 2m FM into a collinear and for 70cm SSB 75w into a 21 element Tonna