Club members admiring Steves new car

Sat the 24th June 2018 saw the bittern DX club setting up a special event station GB1GSM at Gunton Saw Mill one of the last working water powered saw mills in England, located in the glorious Gunton park North Norfolk.

We were blessed with briliant weather and made many contacts on 40m and 20m using SSB and data FT8.

Also on display at the Saw Mill was a 1909 Stanley Steam Car which  the owner kindly let the club use for our photo shoot.

To find out more about the Saw Mill click here

The 1909 Stanley Steam Car

1909 Stanley Model R 20HP
Restored to absolutely pristine condition over 7,500 hours during a 6 year period
Twin (Single bucket) rear seats. 600 psi working pressure.
Range – 1 mile per gallon of water – 20 gallon tank, 20 miles per refill

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