Being based in North Norfolk, one might be tempted to think that we are in competition with the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club (NARC), a long established club meeting virtually every Wednesday throughout the year in the sixth form centre of the City of Norwich School, Eaton Road, Norwich, NR4 6PP from 7pm to 10pm. 

Like us, NARC welcome anyone of any age, gender or ability, who enjoys experimenting with radio and electronics to come along and meet us to see what we do in our hobby.

We do enjoy a very good working relationship with NARC, both clubs supporting each other’s efforts in training and member support and expansion of the hobby. 

There is friendly, but highly competitive(!), Fox Hunt competition each year between the two clubs. At the time of writing, we hold the trophy!!

We see the two clubs as being highly complementary and we encourage you to explore their website by clicking here – and hopefully become a member of both clubs!