SOTABeams are another of the companies at the heart of amateur radio who are supporting us in our efforts to bring amateur radio out of the shadows.

Their mission statement is: “We aim to encourage, support and facilitate all radio amateurs to take their hobby to new places. We will achieve this through specialist advice, training and products.”

And they do deliver! The man behind it all is Richard G3CWI. His initial interest in radio goes back to when he was about 12 and started listening to the air band. This was an interesting passtime – especially as Richard lived very close to an RAF Fighter station that was actively involved in intercepting Soviet reconnaissance aircraft.

His interest grew, encouraged by his parents. His mother (now licenced as G4ZAY) had a brother who was licenced as the original G3CWI so amateur radio ran in the family. 

With a focus on portable operating, SOTABeams product range includes many items essential to getting the best signal out there. We are especially keen on the WSPRlite Antenna Tester. Watch the video below to see just how useful this little device is.


To find out more about SOTABeams visit their website and don’t be afraid to talk to Richard about what he does.