• Setup Crew and operators: Neil G3RIR, Alec G3YOA, Iain G4SGX, Chris G8APB, Linda G0AJJ, Alan G0TPH, Adam M0OAS, Dave G7WHI, Balders M0HET, Parsley 2E0MPM and Steve G7VRK.
  • Section entered: Restricted Bands: 432Mhz, 144Mhz, 70Mhz and 50Mhz.
  • Callsign: G6IPU/P
  • Locator: JO02QV Site: East Rising Farm, Trimingham. 61 m ASL

The Bittern DX VHF contest team turned up at 9am at their usual site at Trimingham opposite the Radar Station for the 9th successive year to participate in VHF NFD 2017. The weather was good with warm sun and a slight breeze as we set about getting the stations setup and tested before the start of the contest at 3pm local time. We were all keen to build on last year’s very pleasing result of 3rd place overall in the restricted section.

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This year we were pleased to welcome a new member, Chris Plummer G8APB to assist with the 144Mhz station. The weekend went reasonably well apart from an initial problem with the club generator, which having worked perfectly the previous weekend for a special event station at Gunton Mill Heritage Museum, refused to start and had to be replaced by a spare unit, courtesy of our new member Chris.

We almost lost the caravan awning early on Sunday morning as a very blustery North West wind cut across the cliffs lifting the central pole and loosening the pegs. 2m operations ceased for 10 minutes whilst the awning was dismantled and packed safely away.

Conditions were fairly average, although Neil and Iain were delighted to log EA7CD on 6m at 1820km! Each station managed to increase the number of contacts and points claimed compared to 2016.

Our claimed scores are as follows:

  • 6m – 57 QSOs, total points = 14,498, 254 points per QSO with the best distance EA7CD 1820km. (22 more QSOs than last year)
  • 4m – 37 QSOs, total points = 9,006, 243 points per QSO with best distance EI9E/P at 552km. (2 more QSOs than last year)
  • 2m 140 QSOs, total points = 52,666, 376 points per QSO with best distance OL1R at 963km. (45 more QSOs than last year)
  • 70cm 54 QSOs, total points = 15,846, 293 points per QSO with best distance DH9NFM at 757km. (10 more QSOs than last year)

We ended the weekend with a birthday celebration for Adam M0OAS.

It was a very tired group of people that left the field on Sunday afternoon, but it was an enjoyable weekend and an excellent team effort by everyone. My sincere thanks to all who turned up and participated particularly those who travelled from out of county. Thanks also to those who brought along their own equipment for the club to use over the weekend, and to Mick and Judy for the use of their back garden.

Linda G0AJJ

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