VHF National Field Day – 4/5th July 2015

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All pictures by Richard G6VOV

Setup Crew and Operators

Neil G3RIR, Alec G3YOA, Iain G4SGX, Linda G0AJJ, Alan G0TPH, Richard G6VOV, Steve G7VRK, Dave M0BGR, Dave M0BKH, Balders M0HET, Adam 2E0OWX, Thomas 2E0TKZ, Parsley M6FBE and Donna M6HDM

Section entered: Restricted Bands: 432Mhz, 144Mhz, 70Mhz and 50Mhz.
Callsign: G6IPU/P
Locator: JO02QV Site: East Rising Farm, Trimingham. 61 m ASL

After a very stormy wet night with plenty of lightning and thunder during the early hours the Bittern DX group were relieved to find on arrival at Trimingham that the 70cm mast and antenna with pre-amp which had been erected the previous evening, was still intact and functioning.

The 70cm station was first to be erected and fully tested, with the 2m station up and running shortly after. We encountered a small problem with the 6m beam which needed one of the sleeve inserts replaced before being coupled together and some adjustments were also necessary on the rotator housing on the mast, but we have learned to expect minor difficulties on field days and took these in our stride. Alec G3YOA soon put his soldering iron to good use and with the combined effort of Alan, Balders, Iain, Parsley and Dave the 6m station was soon connected and ready for testing. All stations were up and tested by 12 noon and it was a very hot and thirsty team that queued at the caravan for the first of many cups of tea. The day continued to heat up and we experienced temperatures of 33c in mid afternoon!

We were hoping for good conditions during the evening as the day cooled down but unfortunately the tropo didn’t reach the south east of England and was mainly over central Europe and the Mediterranean, although some stations in Cornwall reported working into Portugal.

70cm station was operated by Neil G3RIR and Dave M0BKH. Neil supplied the 70cm equipment comprising of a Kenwood TS2000 plus a 100 watt amplifier and a 35 element beam together with a masthead pre-amp.

Alan G0TPH and Iain G4SGX manned both the 4m and 6m stations. The 6m station which was supplied by Alan, comprised of an Elecraft KX3 plus 100w linear together with the club’s 8 element yagi. Alec provided his Ft847 plus the club’s Bremi Amp for 4m with Alan providing the 8 element yagi courtesy of DeMontfort.

The 2m station was manned by Steve G7VRK, Linda G0AJJ, Adam 2E0OWX and Dave M0BGR. Equipment FT847 plus 100w amplifier supplied by Steve, together with a masthead pre-amp.

All in all a very good weekend and an excellent team effort by everyone! My sincere thanks to all who turned up and participated including those members that came along to encourage us and those that gave us those all important points. Thanks also to those who brought along their own equipment for the club to use over the weekend. The statistics for each station will be published as soon as I have collated them. Linda – G0AJJ

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