About BDXG

We are quite a newly formed (2004) Amateur Radio DX Group, here in North Norfolk formed with an emphasis on operation.

In other words our priorities are get out in the fields to get on the Air, without the restraints of too many Lecture, Video evening meetings etc. which are perfectly fine, if you want them? There are already some very good clubs in Norfolk offering these type of meetings…

We don’t see ourselves as rivals to these groups, but a compliment after all we’re all promoting the same hobby aren’t we?

In 2007 with a bigger membership our bare minimum meeting policy had to be reviewed and we meet monthly at Pinewood Park IBC. on the last Thursday of the every (except December) month. Increased business due to our Training commitments plus the very busy Calendar requiring detailed planning, has made this a necessity!! In late 2012 after years of meeting at the bowls club we had cause to move venue following an incident when it was closed without our knowledge!! Our quickly arranged alternative that night was The Roman Camp Inn, Aylmerton and they made us very welcome. With less pressure asserted if we were running late along with an excellent beer choice it was proposed as the permanent meeting place, but we try to keep our meetings as informal as possible.

We have 2 club callsigns our originally allocated “MØNBG” (Norfolk Bittern Group) and “G6IPU” donated in memory of BDXG member George Edwards who died in 2007. We also have the Special Contest Call of “G2B” (Golf 2 Bittern) which is used in several of the major contests, mostly out in the field. Although we are still a relatively new group, our membership has expanded significantly in our existence. As a group we have achieved success, with 4 National trophies already under our belts plus 5 VHF, 1 HF Contest certificates along with other several high placed finishes in National HF contests. We hope that BDXG continues to build upon this firm foundation!!

After initial encouragement from NARC, we have started running Foundation courses locally and we’ll be adding Intermediate courses also shortly. So, if you are in North Norfolk and thinking of getting a licence, why not get in touch with us totally free of any obligation. Contact details can be found on the Training and Committee pages…

If you’re elsewhere and thinking to yourself “What’s this got to do with me, I’m not in Norfolk..”, we already have members around the UK. We are hoping that the “Bittern DX Group” will not only become established in here in Norfolk. But, we hope have an impact on DXing Internationally, moving further into the world of DXpedition sponsorship having already contributed to 3B7C.

If you are planning a DXpedition, and seeking sponsorship, find out more here.

Aren’t you just a little bit interested in joining us…??

If you are use link to “Join BDXG” button in the Menu on the left for full details of our requirements and policies.

Weekly “Bittern VHF Net” every Thursday night @ 19.30 (local)
(except if it coincides with a Meeting Date)
Call in on S20 and QSY, just drop in to say, “Hello…you will be made welcome!
Why not call in and work us…

Or are you organising an Event here in Norfolk and you would like us to operate a Special Event Station for it? If so, email us on info@bittern-dxers.org.uk

We know what we want to achieve here in the “Bittern DX Group”, but all this will take time, we are taking our first steps on what we hope on a successful journey. We hope that you will not only join us, but support and assist us, to give something back into this wonderful hobby of ours?

Take a look around our site, some sections are ongoing therefore you may find yourself at a dead in, our apologies in advance.

Any Questions or Queries, email us?